H&C's blessing day

on sunday surrounded by family and friends dan gave the babies the most beautiful blessings. it was a wonderful day and the spirit was very strong during that sacrament meeting. my heart was so full with love. we feel so blessed to be these babies parents. they looked adorable in their outfits. {i will take just baby pictures of their outfits this week. i never had the chance to yesterday} henry wore dan's blessing outfit and campbell's dress was made by my mother in law out of my wedding dress looked just like my wedding dress too! it was amazing! 

thank you to my cousin annie for snapping these family pics for us after. i cant wait for her baby girl to be here this summer! hurry up baby helvey. we sure love all our family and feel so blessed to have had so mnay of them there. it was a beautiful day! 



the twins {three months}

about 11 lbs 
20 1/4 in 
size 1-2 costco diapers 
newborn {only a few shirts left in this size that fit still}, 0-3 clothes 

bath time 
smiling at momma 
giggling when in the mood
kicking his legs 
his hour of free time with his boots and bar off 
taking naps in the bouncer 
making silly noises 
staring at people 
his puppy toy on the bouncer 
walks in the jogger 

burping half through his bottle 
getting his boots and bar on
getting out of the bath 

{she was very serious that day} 

about 10 lbs 
21 in 
size 1-2 costco diapers 
newborn {almost out of most of these!} 0-3 clothes 

kicking her little legs 
staring at daddy
bath time 
her bugs on the swing 
using her little voice {chatterbox over here} 
napping in the swing
walks in the jogger 
being naked 
snuggling up to anyone who holds her 
play time on the play mat 
bottle time 

getting out of the bath 
getting dressed 
having her boogers sucked out 
her brother wacking her in the face 
tummy time 

these babies are getting so big and changing every day. we just love watching them grow! 

watch us grow: 


what we've been up to

left the babies on their play mat to play {which they were} to shower came back 5 min later and they were out | henry loves his sleep sack. i seriously swear by them! | their 10 week picture. they are currently 11 weeks! | henry wasn't happy about not being held | sunday walk with my little family. boy, i love that man | silly campbell sticking her tongue out | family date to froyo | nothing better than a clean babe in jammies | watching their very first show. baby einstein. they loved it til they both fell asleep.

beautiful spring day for a walk by the temple | cuties in jammies | family walks are becoming my favorite thing | taken on of those days where i just needed a good cry | gosh, i love these two. always making us laugh with their silly faces | my little flirt | sleepy girl | my love | family shopping day at city creek 

when you're a mom time flies by. how has it been 11 weeks since these two joined our family? weird thing is it feels like they have always been part of our family. i love them so much! it's so fun to watch them grow and do new things. somedays i feel like i got this whole mom thing down and then i have days where i feel like i have no idea what i am doing. 

yesterday henry and campbell had their 2 month well check which included shots. we did it 2 weeks late due to henrys cast appointments. {update on that in a minute} they did so great. they both screamed for a few minutes and then they fell asleep in their car seats. they are growing big and healthly little peanuts. henry weighs 9lbs 12 oz and is 20 1/4 in. campbell weighs 8lb 11 oz and is 21 in. can you even believe that 11 weeks ago they were 4 lbs and some. so proud of my babies for growing! 

henry currently has his last cast which is gets off monday then will get his braces. he will wear those for a few months 23 hours a day and then only when he sleeps after that. he has constantly been surprising us with how tough he is through this whole thing. he is fussy occasionally but nothing extreme. he is so chill at all his cast appointments and never fusses only when he gets a bath after they take it off. homeboy hates that part. luckily at home he is starting to love them more! his club foot is something he will never remember. only when we tell him. part of wishes we waited because he is so small but, you know what i am so glad we didn't. he wont remember this at all and he will be able to learn to crawl and walk like any other baby when the time comes. henry, is such a sweet and sometimes grumpy boy. i love him and secretly love that he is a momma's boy at times. dan gets jealous but, campbell is a daddys girl so we are even. henry loves to stare at the tv or the toys hanging from their play mat. he will sit there forever just looking. he is starting to find his hands and loves to pull mommys hair {which is why i am chopping it next week!} he is our little chunky monkey and loves to eat. he eats almost 5 oz each feeding! 

our sweet campbell is doing so well. already 8lbs 11oz and getting some rolls on her legs. she is eating 4 oz each feeding give or take a few. she has the cutest belly and loves when you give her raspberries. when she isn't sleeping she is kicking up a storm and really wiggling. i think she may be a they hyper one out of the two. campbell is a total daddys girl and anytime dan walks in the room she looks at him and follows him with her eyes. she is the best little snuggler and loves to curl up to you. i love her sweet yet spunky already personality. if she isn't happy she will let you know with her lungs. just like henry she loves to pull my hair. boy it hurts. campbell loves her brother and will look at him anytime they are laying by each other while he just ignores her. haha. last night was the first time in a long time they slept together because she has been stuffy and has been sleeping in the bouncer. it was so cute to see them sleeping next to each other! they are twins that for sure! 

there you have a little update on our precious twins. our lives have been changed for the better and we just love them. sure, we are tired but, when they look at you it makes it all worth it. the doctor gave us the go ahead to start letting them sleep longer at night. the longest they've gone is 4 hrs which felt amazing. im hoping to sleep train them in the coming weeks. they are very good sleepers so, im praying it goes smoothly. wish us luck! 



three years down, and eternity to go

3 years. that's how long it's been since that day. the day i put on my white dress and finally married my best friend. in these last 3 years i have learned more about him and myself than i thought was possible. on that day i thought i loved him more than i ever could. i was wrong. i am pretty sure i fall a little bit more in love with him each and every day. i feel like 3 years of marriage means we go this thing down for the most part. sure, we have our times when things aren't perfect but, that is what makes it amazing! 

i could list a million reasons why i love daniel  and love being married to him but, watching him become a father to our babies has been one of the most amazing experiences thus far. he is amazing with them. i always knew he would be but, seeing him hold our babies for the first time was overwhelming. i was overcome with an amazing amount of love for him and our family. 

marriage isn't always easy but, it's so worth it. i even wrote a post about that once. read it here

here's to an eternity of being stuck with me!


the twins {two months}

7lbs 15oz
size 1 diapers 
lots of brown hair in the back of his head
can wear some 0-3 month clothes 

napping anywhere 
laying on their changing table 
chilling in his boppy 
his head rubbed 
letting you know when he is hungry 
using his lungs 
staring at the tv 
kisses on his cheeks {tries to kiss back}

diaper changing time 
tummy time 
his sister touching him 
lotion on his belly 
bath time 
not being able to stretch his leg with his cast {only 3 weeks left!}

7 1/2 lbs 
wearing newborn diapers {my petite thing}
light light brown hair slowly growing
newborn clothes 

sleeping in the bouncer 
her pink and purple binkies 
sleeping after she is burped 
using her powerful lungs {girl has some lungs that for sure} 
bugging her brother already 
hanging out in her bouncer 
kicking and wiggling 
staring at henry 

tummy time 
the hiccups
the swing 
diaper changing 
getting dressed {hope this changes} 
lotion on her belly {just like henry}

watch us grow....

cannot believe how fast time is going. how are they two months already? gosh i love those twinsies. i honestly don't remember what life as like before them. my whole world revolves around these adorable things.  they are growing so fast. before i know it they will be crawling! ahh! see their one month stats here

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