diy: halloween wreath

a few weeks ago i made this halloween wreath. i don't want to toot my own horn but, i am pretty proud of it. i used a few different ideas i got from pinterest and came up with this. i finally hung it up on monday and love to look at it. do you want to make one of your own? well here is an easy tutorial. 

supplies needed: 
+ foam circle {can be found in fake floral section at joann's} or a pool noodle {see it here}
+ yarn {color of your choice} 
+ wood letters {to spell your choice of word}
+ paint {again color of your choice}

+ paint brush
+ glue gun and glue sticks
+ ribbon {of your choice, i used what i had at home} 
+ picture hanging wire 

1. take your foam circle and be sure to remove the sticker. you are now going to grab your yarn and glue a strand down on circle. {DO NOT CUT YARN UNTIL VERY VERY END. LEAVE IT ATTACHED TO THE SPOOL} and start to wrap it around circle. this is the pain in the butt part takes awhile but, once you get in the groove of it, it will go faster. 
2. once you have it all wrapped around cut and glue so there is no strings hanging. pretty easy huh? hope your arm isnt tired. 
3. now let's paint our letters ok? once dry glue to wreath. you may need to apply pressure to make sure they don't fall off. 
4. {bare with me this was hard to describe without showing you} grab your ribbon un-roll a long piece. loop around wreath. {i glued them down before i made my bow}. now make a bow using the long pieces you have left. it took me a while to get a cute bow. but, thats because im lame sometimes. 
5. {note this is an added step. the ribbon hook in photo did not hold} now grab you picture haging wire. cute a piece about 4-5 in. glue to back of wreath. let dry. you may need to glue one said down and hold. then glue other side. 
6. your wreath is now done. pretty simple huh? 

if you make one let me know. i would love to see. 

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